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If you are not making the progress you would like to be making and are capable of making, it's simply because your plan for reaching your goals needs to be adjusted. This Web site has the information you need to make the necessary adjustments.

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Everyone wants to be successful. But what does 'success' mean? Ask someone you know what makes him or her successful. Many people will struggle to answer that question or will avoid answering it altogether.

If you ask someone to name a really successful person, you may get a response such as John F. Kennedy, Mother Teresa, Bill Gates, Oprah Winfrey, Donald Trump, or J. K. Rowling. Think of a few successful people you know personally. Is their success based on career achievements? Or is it a matter of fame and social status? Or fortune? Or power? Or a glamorous life? Or something else? What about family and friends? Are health and happiness important criteria in measuring success?

A person who spent six decades helping people worldwide achieve success ought to have a pretty good idea of what success means. Paul J. Meyer, a 20th century educator and expert in personal development, defined success as follows: "Success is the progressive realization of worthwhile predetermined personal goals." That is the definition of success that this Web site uses.

"Though no one can go back and make a brand new start,
anyone can start from now and make a brand new ending."
- Carl Bard

In America, as in most nations, financial success varies greatly from the most successful to the least successful. A small percentage of people are financially independent. They can go where they want to go, do what they want to do, and buy what they want to buy...all while giving little or no recognition to the price.

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The good news is that anyone who is not yet financially independent but is determined to join the top 3% of people who are, can become one of them by doing what financially independent people do: practice effective goal setting and attitudes, manage time efficiently, and maintain peak health. This Web site provides guidelines you can use to build your personal action plan and start achieving your goals. In addition to your financial goals, you can use these same guidelines to achieve virtually all your goals such as those involving relationships, education, health, or any other area of life.

Napoleon Hill, Dale Carnegie, Earl Nightingale, Paul Meyer, Tony Robbins, and others have studied what very successful people do that most people don't do. Developing those same habits and copying very successful people does not require an advanced education or any special talents. When you do what successful people do, you will achieve equally great results. And you can start right now. The Life Plan section of this Web site will guide you through the next steps on your path to greater success.